Python is a widely used general-purpose, object-oriented programming language which is used to make various web applications. It's popular with most developers as it is uncomplicated and it offers clear syntax, not mentioning that by applying modules, you will be able to use a lot less code to perform a specific task in comparison to various other computer programming languages. In this way, you'll devote a lot less efforts and time to write the computer code that you require. The modules are small groups of variables and subroutines that perform a specific action and they can be called in a tailor-made script, so you can use just a single line of code instead of writing the whole code for that action. Python is employed for a variety of applications for example CGI scripts, RSS readers, database control interfaces, data processing instruments, etc.

Python in Shared Website Hosting

All shared website hosting that we supply support Python, so if you'd like to add a script created in this language to a website hosted on our hi-tech cloud platform, you won't have any kind of troubles to run it. The Apache mod_python module that renders the interpretation of Python code possible is present on all our servers. You will be able to use your own private program code, third-party scripts or modules, or, alternatively, you can combine both of them and set up a tailor-made web app in accordance with your preferences, depending on what the application should do. This way, you are able to increase the functionality of your websites and improve the user experience of your visitors. Python is a multifunctional programming language, which means that you are able to blend its capabilities with what other web-oriented languages offer and get the maximum of both.